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Kick-Box Aerobics

This fun and invigorating cardio kickboxing workout was developed to challenge you both mentally and physically. Moving to music and incorporating high intensity combinations of upper body drills, kicking routines and heavy bag work this aerobic exercise class will help you increase your physical fitness, stamina, coordination, and strength as you learn kickboxing moves and basic martial arts techniques. It is also recommended for athletes and martial arts students looking to improve their conditioning. Check our cardio kickboxing FAQ for more information, or here are some pictures from a class.

Moving On +++™

Moving On is a stretching and conditioning class that combines Yoga with Fusion Movement in a fast paced dynamic workout that improves your fitness, agility, fluidity, flexibility and core strength & alignment. For more information visit Innerdance

Wave Man Pacific Islands Martial Arts

Polynesian Martial ArtsWave Man Pacific Islands Martial Arts is a synthesis of pacific-rim and polynesian styles, targeted to be effective self defense in real-world situations. It includes kickboxing training, grappling and weapons techniques. The name "Wave Man" is the literal translation of the Japanese word "Ronin", meaning unaffiliated warrior. Most of the principals hold advanced ranks in in variety of systems such as Kempo and Lameco Escrima and also received black belts in Limalama under Grandmaster Tuumumao 'Tino' Tuiolosega.



What is Worldanz?
Worldanz is an exciting, high intensity dance fitness program that exposes participants to a wide range of dance form and musical styles. Worldanz takes the body and the spirit to new levels with its unique combination of movement challenges and hypnotic rhythms.
Worldanz is dynamic, inspiring, and deliriously playful!

San Soo Kung Fu

San Soo Kung Fu is a classic Kung Fu fighting art taught for centuries in Southern China. The system includes punches, kicks, leverages, and throws - it is a fluid and dynamic system that is highly aggressive in nature. The San Soo fighter controls his opponent's motions by delivering packages of pain to points: nerve centers, pressure points, glands, joints and/or internal organs. Focus is also put on the mental attitude that one needs to approach a dangerous fight situation with a calm and collected mind.

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